Area Of Interest:


  • Wireless Sensor Network and its security

  • Data Structure and Algorithm

  • Analysis of algorithm

  • Computer Networks and Applications

  • Context-Aware System

  • Transports Applications

  • Advanced Driver Assistance System

  • Smart-Home Applications


Thesis Topics:


  1. Ph.D Thesis Topic: Secure Data Collection In WSNs.

  2. Master's Thesis Topic: Context-Aware Driver Assistance System.


Research Qualifications & Technical Position:


1- Member @ CSE Group: Embedded and Operating Systems                                              Click here

2- Member @ CySPri Lab                                                                                                              Click Here

3- Vice-Chair of IEEE Student Branch- UNSW 2014                                                                  Click Here

4- General Chair of IEEE Student Branch-UNSW 2015

5- ِِExecutive  member PGRS-UNSW 2016

Area Of Interests